Valkyrie Historical Auctions is a web-based platform auctioneer with the goal of
offering authentic historical items to collectors and museums worldwide. Our team
has decades of experience in collecting, buying, and selling of historic artifacts with
a specialty in World War II and Holocaust related material. Although our main field of
expertise falls within these categories, we are proud to offer a wide range  of other historical memorabilia in our auctions.

The President of Valkyrie Historical Auctions is historian Norbert Podlesny, author of
the trilogy “A Glimpse of Evil”, a comprehensive study of the Holocaust and the
persecution of Jews in World War II. Podlesny’s grandfather was a prisoner in the KL
Majdanek concentration camp and he was drawn to this historical topic at a very
young age. Today he is a world renowned expert on Holocaust and Second World War related artifacts.

Our team has built relationships and regularly consult with top historians and
experts across the globe. No matter the item or from which period of world history it
originates, every piece submitted to our auctions will be carefully examined and
researched by an expert and will automatically include a lifetime guarantee of authenticity.